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Gillian Leigh Anderson=Dana Sculley

Born: 9th August 1968

Place: Chicargo

Raised: Peurto Rico+London+usa

Siblings: 1 brother(Aaron)and 1 siter(Zoe) both younger

Education: Depauls University(BA in fine arts)

Status: seperated with one daughte(Piper Maru)

Hair colour: Brown coloured auburn

Eye colour: Blue

Fimlography: Three on 1, A matter of choice, The turning, The mighty, Chicargo club, Dancing about archietecture, Xfiles.

TVography: Class of 96, Reboot, Why planes go down, Future fantastic, Simpsons, Spies above us.

Special agent Dana Sculley

Badge ID#: JTT0331613

FBI ID#: 2317-616

Joined: 1990

File number: X-file # 73317/650657

Home #: (202)555-6431

Cellular #: (202)555-3564

Religion: Roman Catholic

Parents: William(dead) and Margaret

Other relatives: Older brother(william jnr)and wife(Tara)plus their son(Mathew) and sister(Melissa-dead) and brother(Charles)

Illnesses: Diagnosed with cancer