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Scream 1 quiz

1. What is Casey Beckers favourite scarey movie?

a)nightmare on elm street



2. How does casey eventually die?

a)she was gutted

b)she was stabbed in the chest

c)she was thrown through a window

3. where is Scream set?

a)san fransisco

b)don't know as not mentioned in film


4. What movie is Randy watching?



c)nightmare on elm street

5. how is Neil Presscot framed?

a)cloning of his mobile

b)his finger prints are found

c)he really is the thrid killer!!

Scream 2 quiz

1. Who is Cici's boyfriend?




2. How did gale say her cameraman was killed in 'the woodsboro murders'?

a)throat was slashed



3. What actor from Scream did a cameo in scream2?

a)Rose Mcgowen / Tatem

b)Skeet Ulrich / Billy

c)Matthew Lillard / Stue

4. Who is Debbie Salt?

a)Maureen Presscot

b)Mrs Lumes

c)a reporter

5. What is Mickey's motive for killing?

a)he's a pshyco


c)really he's a vampire!!

Scream 3 quiz

1.Who is Sidney living with?

a)at home with her father

b)with Dewey

c)with her dog

2.Who dies first?




3.What happens to Tom?

a)he gets stabbed

b)he gets pushed from a window

c)he gets blown up

4.Who and what eventually kills the killer?

a)Sidney with a knife

b)Dewey with a gun

c)Max with an ornament

5.What was John to Sidney's mum?

a)her lover

b)her boss

c)her Husband

Well if you've got all the answers email me and I'll post the names on this page of everyone who gets at least half right

hall of fame for scream 1+2 quizes

Neve535810818(7 out of 10)

Scream Queen(9 out of 10)

Firebug3000(10 out of 10)

hall of fame for all three quizes

Danielle Davis (14 out of 15)

AScream20 (12 out of 15)

Samantha Robinette (11 out of 15)

Amanda Phillips (10 out of 15)

Tyler (12 out of 15)

Rachel Mullaney (13 out of 15)