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OK this is a quiz for true Xphiles

1. (an easy one) What is Mulder's sister called?

2. What is the first episode that krychek appears in?

3. Who is agent Spender to Cancerman?

4. In what episode do we see fox and Dana dance together in?

5. How many files have been released on video?(names not required)

6. In Dod Kalm what is the name of the navy destroyer?

7. (another ship one) what are the names of the 2 vessels featured in Piper maru?

8. In the episode Avatar, why does Skinner sleep with the dead woman?

9. In the episode The End, what genious does the boy have?

10. What is the name of Dana's daughter?

OK send your answers to my email address and anyone who gets over 7 right will be put on here.