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Plot lines

: Scream

In a small town named Woodsboro Sidney Presscott is busy trying to cope with her everyday problems and trying to get over her mothers murder only a year ago when Casey becker and her boyfriend, Steven Orth are brutally killed. Soon the town is surrounded by press and, after Sidney is attacked, a city wide curfew is initialised. Well this quit obviously leads to a teenage party in a house as far away from town as you can find and one of the most elaborate death scenes in history. For anyone who hasn't seen the film yet I wont give away the ending but do try to look out for a guest appearance from Freddie Krugger and references to Wes Craven and John Carpenter (Wes Carpenter)

: Scream 2 (which, on a personnel note, I think should have been called still Screaming)

Well Sidney and her friend Randy Perkins are now in college, the same one just by coincidence. They both are happy going about their 'pseudo-normal' existances when the movie of the book that Gale Weathers wrote about the first murders, entitled Stab, opens and Maureen and her boyfriend are brutally murdered. This leads to innumerable plot twists and 'he/she/they have to be the murderers' that I can't mention them all but this does end with one that not many will think of. As for Randy I'm afraid he says 'bye-bye' and I'm sure we will all miss his cheerfull face. Officer Dewey Riley's back with a limp and Gale, as ever, gets punched again by Sidney. although this has alot more humor the death scenes are better (as given in the sequel rules by Randy they are more elaborate), in my opinion but it's well worth a look. Oh and keep an eye out for Stu aka Mathew Lillard, he makes a cameo in the pary scene and is meant to also be in the classroom scene with Randy aka Jamie Kennedy.

: Scream 3 (As ever I have a suggestion- Scream forever)

OK well finally we know the plot. Sidney's mother, Maureen's, life comes back to haunt Sidney. It seems that her mother disappeared for 2 years when she was 18 and no one knows why. As a killer begins to hack people up in the order that they die in the new movie Stab 3, he leaves pictures of Sidney's mother for the police to find. Now the hunt is on for the truth about what happened in the missing 2 years. Oh and for you Randy fans, watch out for a sneak cameo "If you're watching this I'm dead" part. There are also sneak appearances by Carrie Fisher and Silent Bob and Jay aka Kevin Smith and James Mews of Chasing Amy and Dogma fame-to name but a few.