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Facts About The Show

The exterior of the Leery family home is a privately owned house near Hewletts Creek, North Carolina.

Capeside, New England is really Wilmington, North Carolina.

Exterior shots of Capeside High are filmed at the University Of North Carolina at Wilmington.

The Breakfast Club had to be filmed at night as Kevin Williamson wanted to use areal library and they could only film when it was closed.

Wilmington was the location for many movies, including Lolita and Billy Bathgate, aswell as many TV series, American Gothic and Matlock were both filmed there.

Kevin Williamson has admitted that Dawson's life is sometimes biographical to him.

Quotes From The Show

Joey-"A thang? No I'm not getting a thang for you Dawson, I've known you too long. I've seen you burp, barf, pick your nose, scratch your butt. I don't think I'm getting a thing for you Dawson."

Joey-"Dawson, fasten your seatbelt. It's going to be a bumpy life."
Jen-"I love your lipstick, what shade is that?"

Joey-"Wicked red. I love your hair colour. What number is it?"

Joey-"No time to talk Dawson. My sisters having her baby."

Dawson-"Cool. Congratulations."

Joey-"On your lawn."

Pacey-"Dawson, it's time to choose. Who's it going to be? Do you like the blonde or the brunnette? Is it Jen or Joey? These questions aren't just going to go away Dawson."
Pacey-"Please don't make me eat dinner with the Stepford family."

Joey-"Trouble in paradise? I guess I can scrape something up. I think I saw some rat droppings behind the oven."

Pacey-"Great. I'll take 'em. Toss 'em in the microwave. Warm 'em up..You know."

Joey-"That was weird. For a second there, I was overcome with this wave of sympathy for you. It will pass."