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Season Profiles


The Kiss: Joey and Dawson have doubts about thier relationship as Joey prepares to go to Paris.

Crossroads: Jack, Andie's brother scores a job at the Ice House, an entry in Joey's diary lands her in hot water with Dawson, who forgets Pacey's 16th Birthday. Meanwhile Abby begins to become a negative influence over lonely Jen.

Alternative Lifestyles:

An economics class project pairs Dawson and Jen as a husband and wife and Pacey and Andie as a married couple. Jen tries to use this project to get closer to Dawson and Pacey gets to know more about Andie's background. Joey learns that she has a chance of success while doing this project.

Tamara's Return:

Pacey and Andie reach a comprimise but Tamara's return throws Pacey. Joey persues her intrests as an artist and finds a side to Jack that she didn't know existed.

Full Moon Rising:

Dawson's parents cast doubts over Joey and Dawson while Pacey becomes troubled over what he sees of Andie's home life

The Dance:

Joey and Dawson's homecoming dance is ruined by his parents announcement of a seperation.

The All-nighter:

Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jen, Andie and the school lady-killer find themselves studying together and leads to a night of many temptations.

The Reluctant Hero:

Dawson's film is a success but Joey's distance, his father's move and Jen's behaviour trouble him.

The Election:

Joey and Andie compete to become class president.

High Risk Behaviour:

Dawson tries to work out his relationship with Joey in a new script.

Sex She Wrote:

Andie plays detective after finding an unsigned love letter.

Uncharted Waters:

Dawson and Pacey go fishing to work out their differences while Mrs Leary ropes Jen, Joey, Andie and Abbey into participating in a documentary about their lives.

His Leading Lady: Dawson searches for a leading lady while Pacey tries to help Andie.

To Be Or Not To Be...: Jack is forced to read a poem out loud that sets the whole school talking.

...That Is The Question: Jack must confront the truth about his sexuality while Pacey takes on an abusive teacher.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Dawson's 18th birthday party blows up in his face when he gets drunk and his tongue gets carried away with itself.

Psychic Friends: The winter fair is in town but Dawson's more concerned with his teachers bad response to his movie.

A Perfect Wedding: Joey gets upset when her father is parroled and lands them with catering a wedding at short notice.

Rest In Peace:

The death of Abbey brings Joey and Dawson closer together while Jen's anger shakes the school and Andie verges on another break down.


Andie continues to get worse as Pacey tries to help her.


Dawson interviews Joey's father much to Joey's dislike while Andie and Jack's father returns to order them back home.

Parental Discression:

Dawson confronts Joey about her father's drug dealing and they are forced to confront the truth.