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Season Profiles


Emotions In Motion:

This introduces us to the main characters and starts of the relationship between Pacey and his teacher Tamara. It also leads to the Dawson-Jen fiasco and so is a pretty vital episode in the entire series. It begins with Joey and Dawson sharing a bed and discussing how they are growing up and going to high school. The next day they are busy filming a scene for Dawsons movie when Jen, Dawsons neighbours granddaughter arrives and Dawson becomes infatuated. Pacey on the other hand has his eye on a filmrenter at his place of work who turns out to be his teacher and Joey sees Dawsons mother kissing her work mate Bob.

Dirty Dancing: Dawson decides to add Jen into his movie and asks her out. She says she wants to take it slow and he agrees. Pacey on the other hand is busy trying to seduce Tamara and finally manages to, the trouble is he doesn't know that he was being accidentally filmed by Dawson. Meanwhile Joey tries to warn Dawsons mother that she knows about Bob.

A Prelude To A Kiss:

Dawson discovers the tape but can't make out who the man with Tamara is. Pacey reluctantly tells him and there's this whole male ego boost thing. Joey on the other hand meets a tourist who she ends up kissing but who doesn't know that she lives in Capeside. When it's time for him to leave he gives her his number but afterwards she throws it away. Dawson sees his mother kissing Bob and is furious when he finds out that Joey knew and didn't tell him. So Dawson must turn to Jen for support.

Blown Away: A tropical storm hits capeside trapping Pacey, his brother and Tamara together in her house aswell as Joey's family, Jen's grandmother and Dawsons family at Dawsons house. The trouble is Dawsons mother believes that it's time to confess to her husband and Jen's grandmother believes that it's the perfect time to preech to Joey's unmarried pregnant sister and live in boyfreind. How they all manage to survive is a miracle to this day.

Look Who's Talking: Rumours fly about Pacey and Tamara which lead to her being brought up infront of a disiplinerary board. Joey's sister meanwhile goes into labour and Jen's granmother is forced to come out of retirement as a nurse and help her. Pacey on the other hand makes a valient jesture by claiming that he lied about sleeping with Tamara and she gets away with it. Unfortunatly she had already decided to leave Capeside and so Pacey must say his goodbyes.(not to worry though cause she comes back in the next series.

The Breakfast Club: The 4 freinds and Abby Morgan end up in detention and play various games to pass the time. In one of these Joey is dared to kiss Dawson by Pacey and does.

Escape From New York: Jen's ex, Billy comes to visit and Dawson begins to get jelous. In the end Jen ends up telling him that they are no longer an item.

In The Company Of Men:

Billy takes Dawson and Pacey to the city where they end up sleeping in a bus stop as they upset Billy so much that he takes off. Meanwhile Joey and Jen plot to get their own back on a jock who claims that he had sex with Joey. The fake-pregant joey soon has everyone hating the guy and her revenge is fueled by Abby's announcement that the jock is imputant.

Modern Romance:

Joey and Pacey are placed together in a science experiment and end up having to swim through a lake to get back to the car. Fearing hypethermea they drive home naked wrapped in blankets. Pacey decides that he fancies Joey but must ask Dawsons permission before going for it. Meanwhile Dawson has gone on a double date to spy on Jen and ends up being totally rejected by both her and his date. Pacey goes with Joey to the fair where Dawson is and dawson says that it's fine with him if Pacey kisses Joey. Pacey does but Joey says that she just wants to stay freinds but Dawson changes his mind and Pacey orders him to decide which girl he really wants.

The Scare:

Friday the 13th meets Scream in this horror episode. There's a killer on the loose in Capeside and noone's safe. Jen's getting mysterious phonecalls and Dawson is intent on playing stupid jokes on everyone.

Pretty Woman:

Joey enters a beauty pagent along with Pacey. Dawson is filming the event and begins to think that Joey is amasing. Jen, who had been coaxing Joey, becomes jelous but Joey refuses to go out with Dawson just because he thinks she's pretty when she dresses up.

Breaking Away:

In the final episode the season dramatically ends. Jens grandfather passes away and when she really needs dawson she finds that he's busy with Joey. Joey on the other hand announces that she's moving to a school in France and is told by her sister that she has to go and visit her father in prison. Dawson goes with her but she barely talks to her father and leaves in a huff. Pacey tries to talk to her about France and manages to pusuade her to go and tell her dad how she really feels. She does and he informs her that Dawson loves her. She rushes back to see him and say goodbye. He tells her not to leave and she asks him why. he finally kisses her and that's how it ended.