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ok this is a site to recieve free Email cards(FREEE!!!!!!)
David Duchoveney=Fow William Mulder

Born: 7th August 1960

Place: New York

Raised: Scotland and usa

Parents: Divorced in 1972 Siblings: Older brother(Daniel)and younger sister(Laurie)

Education: Princton(BA in literature)+Yale(didn't finish his Masters)

Status: Married and expecting their first child

Height: 6'

Weight: 170lb

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Green

Filmography: Working girl,New years day,Bad influence, The rapture, Don't tell mom the babysitters dead, Denial, Julia has two lovers, Venice/venice, Chaplin, Beethoven, Ruby, Kalifornia, Playing God, Xfiles movie.

TVography: Along with the 5 years he's worked on Xfiles he's also been in Twin peaks, Red shoe diaries(now a movie), Baby snatcher and breif appearances in things like Space above and beyond and the simpsons.

Special agent Fox Mulder

Badge ID#: JTT047101111

Joined: 1986

Home address: 2630 Legal place, apt.42, Alexandria,VA

Home #: (202)555-0199

Cellular #: (202)555-2356

Religion: Judism

Parents: William and Tena(divorced)

Other relatives: Sister(Samantha) and Aunt(emliy)

Illnesses: Red-green colour blindness

Blood type: O-negative